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Agni means fire & hotra means healing- is an ancient fire ritual from India, It was described in the Veda. Aging about 7000 years Old.
Its now been practiced across the globe & is not linked to any religion, it’s purely a practice, an energy ritual which provides amasing results.

How to perform agnihotra?
Agnihotra is a fire ceremony practiced every day, exactly at the time of sunrise & sunset. You may miss a day but it works best done regularly.

Neoline Agnihotra Starter kit Contains – Materials required for Agnihotra
1. Copper pyramid with support stand
2. Copper Dish for the rice (Small size)
3. Copper Spoon for the butter (Small size)
4. Copper tongs for the fire, when needed
5. Cow’s Ghee (Clarified butter)
6. Natural camphor
7. Dried cow dung Cakes
8. Fire source – Matchbox or Candle
9. Local sunrise – sunset time chart for your location
10. Container for ash

Procedure to perform Agnihotra

Using a small copper pyramid with exact dimension’s is necessary (Isha home’s have taken care of it)
Burning dried Cow dung cakes & offering of a pinch full of rice smeared with a few drops of cow`s ghee is offered, along with a special mantra (Sound vibrations), exactly at the time of sunrise & sunset

Mantra is a quantum technology to neturilize Mind, Body & Surrounding’s

Sunrise Mantra
Suryaya Swaha, Suryaya Idam Na mama, Prajapataye Swaha, Prajapataye Idam Na mama

Sunset Mantra
Agnaye Swaha, Agnaye Idam Na mama, Prajapataye Swaha, Prajapataye Idam Na mama

While chanting Agnihotra mantra & after each “Swaha” offer few rice grains, coated with cow’s ghee.
Sit and concentrate on the fire until the offerings are fully burnt.

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Who & Why to perform agnihotra?

Millions of people around the world have experienced the beneficial effects of Agnihotra.

Health and well-being, on plants, animals, and on the environment.

Even though we experience the effects of Agnihotra – some people still would like to know HOW Agnihotra works.
We have tried listing out a few of the scientific reasons on how it works

Practicing Agnihotra during Sunrise and Sunset is because during this period of the day there is a fusion of light and darkness.
as at sunrise, it’s from darkness to light
and at Sunset it’s light to the darkness
During these timing, changes of great magnitude take place in the ecosphere, which causes a vital impact on life and the environment.

Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A magnetic type field is created, which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies

the copper pyramid of fixed shape and size, and the flame we get by burning specific substances like dry cow dung cakes and ghee.

All work together to get the effect of the production of Nitric Oxide.

Plus the rhythms and Mantras generate subtle energies that are thrust into the atmosphere by homa fire.

A combination of all the above generates and decentralizes electromagnetic or cosmic waves and emits special healing and purifying energy into the ecosphere.

Regular Practice of Agnihotra Reduces stress levels
Help improves concentration levels
Helps in De-Addiction
Improves Immunity
Benefits circulatory system and purifies the blood
Renews brain cells & Rejuvenates skin
Purifies the air and surroundings
Offers nutrition to the plants
Helps to build emotional bonding
Motivates and brings out a holistic approach to life

Who can perform?

Performing Agnihotra is so simple that anyone can practice it, hence it’s been performed by people of many race, religion and culture all over the world.
Its simple easy and fast – Just 5 minutes during sunrise and sunset.
And as it’s a non-religious affair its becoming quickly adopted across the globe

Any person who wants to have full benefits of Agnihotra can practice it, Any gender, Any race, any religion, any cast, and all ages
It can be performed at home, office, garden or anywhere

Do’s and Dt’s

Do not fire Agnihotra homa directly with matchstick, always fire a piece of dry cow dung biscuit or light Natural camphor and place it in side the homa using copper tongs (check our Agnihotra Into video)

Taking bath is not mandatory; in the morning, it will be ideal to takes a bath before the Agnihotra time. And in the evening, if taking a bath is not possible, then wash the hands, feet, face & mouth before performing the Agnihotra.

Keep the Agnihotra place clean and tidy both indoor or outdoor practicing place of Agnihotra

Only females in their monthly periods should not perform it, for 1st 4 days of the periods


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Introduction to Agnihotra

How to Perform Agnihotra